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15 Tips for Field Recording Sporting Events

indexxxEarlier this summer, Canada hosted the Pan American Games. That prestigious Olympic-style event invited top athletes from dozens of countries to compete in 48 sports in downtown Toronto.
Living in Toronto myself, I seized the opportunity to record world-class athletes in “rare” sports such as professional field hockey, squash, handball, and others.
That “field report” explained how I approached the recording session, overcame mistakes I made, and captured field recordings of sports crowds, cheers, chants, ambience, and more. Check out that post, and download the free field recordings there.
How can you record your own sporting events? Today’s article features tips and tricks you can use to help you navigate an event, capture the best crowd reactions, gather ample coverage, and much more.
The Challenge of Field Recording Sporting Events
The last post described how I used the stealth field recording technique to compensate for event security, adapted to tricky environments, dealt with a lack of freedom of movement, and learned the importance of event research. Will my experiences dealing with those challenges help you the next time you’re field recording sports?
Yes, those challenges are common, and you

Make a Great Online Marketing Video With These 5 Tips

Video-Content-Marketing-580x435Marketing professionals, journalists and content curators are, once again, turning to the value of online video. In reality, we probably never left. Rather, other trends in online communications have flared up and faded away while online video has slowly built an audience and boosted its infrastructure.
The return to prominence of online video has public relations experts and brand managers running to produce video. But plenty of those folks will get their video wrong. At the very least, it won’t be as good as it needs to be so it can easily stand out from the rest.
Here, five tips for making good online video for your company or campaign.
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1. Production value
It matters.
About two years ago, I was at a lunch with Chris Anderson, the founder of TED, the global idea-sharing phenomenon. I asked him why he thought TED talks succeeded when so much talk and lecture-style video content had been online for far longer. He said, “Production value. We invest heavily in production value.” He explained that

5 Basic Tips to Make a Professional-Looking Video

indexOne way to do this is by creating a video and uploading it onto another social media site, like YouTube, or adding it to your blog to make things more interesting.

For someone who’s never held a camera, figuring out how to get started can be daunting. But, once you understand a few basics, you can produce a great-looking video on your own.

Here are five basic tips for beginners looking to make a professional-quality video:

1. Shoot with the right equipment
First, plan out what kind of video you want to make. If you’re going for the classic home-video look, something as simple as a Flip camera (which, given it’s size and price, the result should suffice) will work. If you want to upgrade your audience’s viewing experience, the person behind the camera should have steady hands, or you should use a tripod.

2. Pay attention to the audio!
Anyone who watched the World Cup certainly knows how annoying the vuvuzelas were as they buzzed through every match. Your video could sound like a World Cup broadcast, too, if you don’t pay attention to the audio. Whether it’s wind blowing into the microphone

Trendy Hairstyles of 2016

A new cut and new color can not only make a significant change in appearance but it can boost your self confidence. When you look at old pictures of yourself has your hairstyle changed over time or are you still sporting the same style from 10, 15 or 20 years ago. It is suggested that women should change their hairstyle every 2-3 years. It aids in defining your look and character over a period time. Term changing your hairstyle is a bit ambiguous. So let’s be clear, when was the last time you cut, colored, permed or straightened your hair.

Cutting your hair gives women a boost of confidence. They tend to look in the mirror admiring the cut. They run their fingers through their hair more often. Cutting your hair also lightens the weight of your head. As a result, you feel more free and unencumbered. Short haired women are also viewed as more sassy and flirty.

Many decide to make hair changes after major life experiences, it appeals to their sense of adventure. Starting a new job, a breakup with a boyfriend, the death of a favorite pet cause individuals to look at

Tips For College Freshmen

Heading off to the first semester of college is exciting, daunting and somewhat overwhelming. Not knowing really what to expect seems to trigger the most anxiety amongst soon to be college freshmen.

Follow these tried and true tips for getting off to a great start to four of the best years of your life.

Most of the planning and preparation for the first semester of college should take place during the summer prior to fall enrollment. Spend as much time as possible really getting to know the college website with special emphasis on the sections devoted to your major course of study. Most colleges offer summer orientation sessions which are highly recommended for incoming freshman. Housing policies, meal plan options and book store selections are generally topics of priority. College officials have begun to place even greater emphasis on ensuring students know where to get help for specific academic subjects, professor office hour policies as well as physical and mental health services that are available to student. Trying to comprehend this volume of information upon arrival can be overwhelming. Spend the summer familiarizing yourself with the information from the orientation session as well as the website.

Good Tech Habits, You Should Adopt

You often hear it from others, “it’s good to back-up the data on your PC from time-to-time”. Right about now, you are probably saying: “that’s just geek-talk”. However, these tips are not just for geeks, it’s for the everyday computer users – such as you. Doing so, you ensure the safety of your identity and your privacy. Below are simple to understand tips for securing your privacy and keeping your computer organized:

Pay attention to privacy settings on social networks:

Social networks are notorious for violating privacy rights of their users; this is why it’s usually in your best interest to quit using them. However, for some reason, you are not able to do so, then its best to tweak the various different privacy settings on your profile. Try to figure out which setting does what and how it can help you safeguard your privacy.

Organize your desktop:

If your desktop is cluttered, and you can barely make out where you placed your tax return – you my friend are an unorganized person. Not only will you waste time locating important files on your desktop, but your computer’s performance will significantly be impacted negatively. Once you’ve managed and mustered up the courage to organize

Selecting Multimedia Speakers

Whether it is for music or whether it is for social functions, the importance of speakers is one that seriously cannot be denied no matter what may happen. Multimedia speakers not only help in experiencing quality sound but also ensure that the required message is reached among the masses. With respect to this ongoing and growing demand, many companies in Delhi are now coming up for ensuring that your experience with respect to sound is absolutely fine.

When you are about to purchase any multimedia speaker system, you must definitely ensure that the respective multimedia speaker systems’ supplier is actually a genuine or at least an experienced one. The reason that entails this fact is because experienced vendors can help in delivering these speakers as per your requirements and convenience. They can also help you in choosing the right product that can also easily meet your budget. Also being experienced, these respective vendors would be able to comprehend what exactly what are you looking for, depending on which they can further make help you to choose wisely.

Apart from experience, you must also ensure that you have already selected a handful of speakers’ manufacturers in Delhi. The more companies

Facebook Support Number To Have The Absolute Facebook Issues Solution

Facebook has become one of the strongest social platforms today through which one can itself get connected with the infinite number of people that came in to existence in the year about 2007 and made such a strong presence that no other social networking platform existed before it. Its popularity is because of its large number of users all across the world.

Facebook is that one informal communication stage that has completely changed the way we connect and speak with one another. It has brought our broken ties with helping so as to miss companions and retied them us interface again over talks and delivery person. It has likewise helped the people to keep their connection with its app Facebook messenger that further help you to setup your connection with the individual outside or within your nation throughout the world. If you feel that the person you are connecting is some nasty elements then you should immediately connect with the Facebook support number where you need to report your issues. You may also modify your Facebook communications that will save you from the unwanted elements.


There are many more ways and tools that

The Way In Which Mobile Applications Get Formed

In recent times the old ‘saying’ quite changed. now it is ” Have a mobile application with you and keep the problems away” like this. In this world there will be a mobile app for every need. That much is the influence of mobile applications. Have you ever think of how the mobile applications get formed. It is a huge process. Those who are in the backstage really need to work hard in order to achieve this. Large logic is employed behind this. Let’s examine what are common steps there behind the development of a mobile application.

Step 1 : Identify The Need

The first thing need to be identified is the problem. It is one of the important thing in mobile application development. Because everything else will start from this stage. Problem identification can be happen through different ways. Market research, client proposals everything can be the inducer of need identification. The major goal of this stage is to clearly identify from what the solution is to be made.

Step 2 : Making of blueprints or wireframes

After the need is identified and concept is clear to the developer he/she will start creating

Desktops Made Portable For Users

In this never ending chase for time and money, the world continues to progress. In this world of technology, science has made astounding developments. Today, it is just impossible to imagine our life without computers. It is become an integral part of our life as all our business dealings and presentations are carried through this electronic device.Computers have gained significance in our lives as they have improved our productivity and efficiency. It is a need of the present world and a vital gadget for all sectors.

A computer definitely is not a simple machine; it is a highly complex calculator. Computers today, have come a long way since the time when they used to occupy the whole room or the entire table. A powerful desktop PC similar to the size of a small tupperware case. Yes, they are mini computers! Whether you are trying to create your own kiosk, save space at home or fit more computers into your office, there is a mini PC designed for you.

Mini PCs are highly in demand in the present world. Studies have shown that one in four computer sold today is a Mini PC. Like their bigger versions,

How Can IT Companies Gain Potential Capacity Sufficient to Sustainable Development

ICL Services IT outsourcing company solves these problems using a system of corporate training and development. Its concept resembles Lifelong learning: employees are provided with opportunities for continuous professional development focused on their interests and business needs of the company.

Stage 1. Preliminary training

Many employees start studying in ICL Services long before they are hired (and even before they take a final decision to join the company.)

  • ICL Services is involved in fundamental higher education through cooperation with KFU and KNRTU-KAI – the region’s leading universities training students to master information technologies.

The basis of these programs is the Fujitsu Labs project organized with the participation of Fujitsu Corporation, a long-standing partner of ICL Services. Students undergo specialized training over 2-3 semesters. IT professionals from ICL Services hold classes and complement theoretical course with real-life experience on the basis of real business objectives of the company.

ICL Services is also cooperating with KFU on special projects (for example, artificial intelligence) and with KNRTU-KAI on joint educational programs.

  • The company annually organizes university olympiads to identify talented young people and promote their development in the IT field.
  • ICL Services scholarships support young IT


Fatal Extraction is the story of Australian mining’s vast but rarely-examined social and environmental footprint in Africa.
Over the course of 18 months, journalists from the Center for Public Integrity and ICIJ, working withmore than a dozen reporters across Africa, collected data, documents, video footage, and largely unheard witness accounts that uncovered links between Australian-listed mining companies and allegations of negligence, violence, environmental law-breaking, and other behaviors that would never be tolerated in better-regulated jurisdictions.
With an abundance of rich materials, the team faced a significant challenge: how to present it all in a compelling way that would allow audiences to explore a variety of content as they engaged in a much larger narrative. The end result is an immersive multimedia featureincorporating strong human stories with stunning visuals, rare documents and innovative data analysis to reveal the extensive and sometimes deadly impact of Australian mining companies in 33 African nations.
Here, multimedia editor Eleanor Belland news developer Chris Zubak-Skeesdiscuss the making of the Fatal Extraction multimedia project.
Q. Why did you choose this storytelling mode for the story?
Eleanor Bell: Initially, we intended to package our Africa multimedia into four separate video stories broken down by country. During

Hardware Essentials – Tools for the 21st Century Animator

I get asked frequently to chime in on computer specs by budding animators. While I have worked with computers all my life and can be helpful in some ways, the most beneficial advice I can give is also the most basic. Until you have taken steps to protect your work, you shouldn’t spend another dollar on the newest, fastest PC.
Back when I started, Silicon Graphics dominated the market, and a computer that could run the latest software cost something like $20,000, and that was without the 512mb (!!) memory upgrade. Suffice it to say, these days you can get away with some pretty amazing visuals with an off-the-shelf home PC. Video games have been pushing GPU power at breakneck speed, and so our graphics capabilities are amazing. This being the case, I want to generally say that any processer, be it AMD Athlon, Intel Core, or Xeon, released within the last 3 years, paired with at least 8gb of ram, and a radeon or geforce (again within the last 3 years) will run Maya 2013 decently. Meaning if you have newer or more powerful equipment than what I just mentioned, you are past the point of really

Flash Transition Guide: Character Animation

Good day!
My name’s Lucky. I’ve created interactive Flash animations for over a decade. I’ve jumped into a lot of different types of Flash work from games, cartoons, banners, UI, explainer vids and more. And this year I started trying to take the jump from flash to modern tech finally to stay current!
This chapter explores character animation in Hype. If you’re new to Hype, consider starting with the documentation or going through their tutorials before going into this one. I’ll be going through more advanced things and skipping over basics. So lets get started!
Step 1: Character Design
For this I’m going to create a basic character. I’ll call him Sam.
Sam will be a basic 3/4 view character we can animate a run cycle with. The way we’ll do it is with some rig techniques transferred over from Flash. We need the character and the basic keys here to achieve that. Sam’s basic keys for a run cycle look like this: Leg one up, leg one down , leg two up , leg two down. If you want more info on basic animation keys for reference I suggest reading Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair. The above

We Rank the Animated Shorts That Define Disney’s Success

DURING HIS LIFE Walt Disney amassed 22 Academy Awards, more than anyone in film before or since, but none for any of his classic animated features—that category didn’t exist until 2001. The majority of his statuettes instead came from the category now called Best Animated Short Film. However, after Disney’s death in 1966, the studio largely abandoned short films, with the feature production arm only producing a handful each decade for the next 40 years.
Into that void stepped Pixar; the animation company used the short film not only as a medium for memorable bite-sized storytelling, but as a canvas for technological experimentation. That willingness to try new things helped Pixar become the most consistently successful studio currently in existence; over 25 shorts (which are available in two Blu-ray collections), the company explored original stories, as well as companion pieces to its feature films that feel like bonus time with beloved characters. When Pixar’s Ed Catmull and John Lasseter returned to Disney in 2006, they wasted little time in getting the newly renamed Walt Disney Animation Studios back to work on short films.
Last year, we devoted a cover story to how Catmull and Lasseter helped shape Disney’s

Making the electric car sound sexy: GLM’s ZZ model will have built-in sound effects so you can show off when you rev-up the engine

While electric cars like those made by Tesla are supposed to herald a greener future for the automotive industry, there are still certain kinks to be ironed out from the technology.
Cruising along silently without emissions comes with one drawback – pedestrians can’t hear electric cars coming.
But now a Japanese company is looking to change that by hooking vehicles up with a synthesiser to announce their arrival with the sound of a spaceship.

Petrol heads relish the rush that comes when getting behind the wheel of a flashy new sports car, a combination of appreciating the car’s performance of the road and the sights and sounds that accompany it.
But electric cars lack that all-important engagement of the senses that comes with a petrol guzzler – the sound of a revving engine.
This sound serves an important role for the safety of pedestrians too, and that’s why synthesiser specialist Roland has teamed up with GLM to kit out the ZZ electric car model with a custom ‘neo-futuristic’ sound system.

The synthesiser will use input from Japan’s first mass-marketed electric sports car, the ZZ, to produce sounds that reflect what the engine is doing, just like

Inside The Persistent Boys Club Of Animation

There is an infamous rejection letter that has been circling the internet for the last eight years. “Dear Miss Ford,” the 1938 letter to a would-be animation trainee begins. “Women do not do any of the creative work in connection with preparing the cartoons for the screen, as that work is performed entirely by young men. For this reason girls are not considered for the training school.” The letter advises Miss Mary V. Ford that she can apply to Walt Disney Productions’ ink and paint department if she so desires. Under the original Flickr image of the letter, posted by Ford’s grandson in 2007, a bevy of commenters note that times have changed. And longtime animator Joanna Romersa agrees. She started as a Disney inker in 1954, and once felt lucky to avoid being fired after she was caught by Walt Disney himself while sneaking into the animation building, where ink and paint “girls” were not allowed. “It was keeping us in our place,” she said. Inkers and painters — those (nearly all women) who would hand-trace drawings from the animators and then hand-paint them on every frame of a film — were not respected as artists; Bill

The Renaissance Man: Melo-X On ‘CURATE,’ Working With Beyonce And Multimedia Artistry

Yaaaoow!” On a balmy August afternoon, Melo-X is pedaling around his East Flatbush, Brooklyn neighborhood on a black-and-white Schwinn Drifter, greeting every fourth person that his bicycle approaches, then passes. The son of Jamaican immigrants, he’s well-known in this Caribbean-American community — so well-known that even a “What’s up?” is too formal. He’s a proud resident of his ‘hood, playing tour guide as we ride through its streets and rattling off bits of hip-hop trivia about the blocks he grew up on: “Spliff Starr [Busta Rhymes’ longtime hype man] used to live around here,” he recalls as we whiz past Church Avenue. “He was like our ‘hood hero. We’d see him on the block on a Harley, then see him in videos next to Bus’.” “Bobby Shmurda is from around here,” he adds a few streets later.
When the impromptu tour is done, Melo (a.k.a. Sean Rhoden) parks his wheels in a shed behind his childhood home. He’s in the early stages of renovating the house and transforming it into his own full-fledged creative space, but until that vision is realized, his main office is one flight up inside in a cozy makeshift studio. Melo works in here

TSA’s master luggage keys available to 3D print after photos leaked design

When The Washington Post published a photo of the TSA’s set of master luggage keys, there were concerns that it had inadvertently compromised the agency’s system by handing over details of the keys’ cuts to intrepid lock-pickers. Now, that appears to be exactly what’s happened, as 3D printing plans for the keys have been posted online.

As Wired reports today, that’s not a trivial security problem for the agency, or for many of the people just hoping to keep their luggage safe. The TSA asks lock-makers to use designs approved by the agency, ideally keeping the luggage out of thieves’ hands while still allowing the TSA access. But with the photos — and now the 3D printing plans — readily available, anyone with a 3D printer also has access.

A TSA-approved lock certainly wasn’t pick-proof before, if a lock-picker showed enough ingenuity, but it’s an unfortunate security hole that might’ve just become a lot bigger.

6 Tips On How To Make A Video

Follow these six tips for a better movie making experience with your Nikon HDSLR:
1. Pre-production planning. A Hollywood movie never begins shooting without all aspects of the film being planned out in the pre-production stage. Take a tip from the pros and plan out the story you want to tell using video. It can be as simple as writing out a shot list (a list of shots you want to capture); a simple outline; the dialog you wish to capture; or it can be more formal, with a script and storyboard (illustrating your movie shot by shot). This way you can keep track of what you’ve shot and what is remaining. This lets you make sure that you don’t forget to capture any important footage when you make your video.
2. Capture a variety of shots. Telling a story will be more interesting if you’re capturing a variety of shots. The best videos are made of short clips edited together. In the film world the wide angle shot is known as the Establishing Shot and it shows the overall scene. Medium shots often include one or more subjects. Close-up shots can be cropped at the head and

SpeedCast Servicos Multimedia selects EUTELSAT 65 West A for professional video services

Eutelsat do Brasil, the Brazilian affiliate of Eutelsat Communications (NYSE Euronext Paris: ETL), has signed a multi-year agreement with SpeedCast Serviços Multimedia for Ku-band capacity on the upcoming EUTELSAT 65 West A satellite to support professional video services.
SpeedCast Serviços Multimedia is a longstanding player in the Brazilian telecommunications market, providing professional C and Ku-band video services through its teleport in Barueri and soon to open state-of-the-art teleport in Santana do Parnaíba, also in the state of São Paolo. The company pioneered high definition broadcasting via satellite in Brazil and is playing a key role in the transition to digital TV.
EUTELSAT 65 West A is due for launch during the second half of 2016 to the 65° West orbital position that is a reference for Brazilian broadcasting. It will bring new capacity over Brazil and support the roll-out of Ultra HD that is expected to begin as early as next year. This multi-mission high-capacity satellite will be optimised to serve fast-growing video markets in Brazil and across Latin America, combining the benefits of broad landmass coverage in C and Ku-bands for video distribution to headends and Direct-to-Home broadcasting, as well as other applications.
The satellite will fuel

Pixar is making another in-house animation tool free for anyone to use

Last year, Pixar made its in-house animation software RenderMan free for non-commercial use, giving would-be filmmakers a powerful tool to get started with animated shorts and films. Now, it’s following this up by making another piece of in-house software not only free, but also open source. Pixar’s Universal Scene Description tool (USD) acts as an assembly station for input from various animation apps, making it easier to combine characters and objects into a single “scene graph” — a basic layer of the animation — for smoother workflow. Unlike with Renderman, though, Pixar doesn’t want to empower just amateur filmmakers, but also create an industry standard that it hopes will drive innovation. The company is preparing the open-source project for a summer 2016 launch, but for more information (and to read exciting terms like “layered overrides” and “cached geometry”), check out Pixar’s full announcement.

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